Design Projects
Learning Application for Creative Studies
Concept UX Design, 2023
Trip Planning Application - Plan your trip around events
Concept UX Design, 2023
Design Thinking Blogs
Blogs and articles I've written on design thinking, strategy, and user research.
Desk Research: What it is & Why it’s Essential in Product Development

How to Develop a Product Vision

Effective UX Research Part 1: Preparing for Research

All You Need to Know About Effective UX Research Part 2: Conducting the Research

All You Need to Know About Effective UX Research Part 3: Analysis and Reports

Masters Degree Projects
Projects completed during my masters @ Royal College of Art and Imperial College London in Innovation Design Engineering. 
How do you promote conversations with strangers in an everyday setting in this current society we are in? We took this idea and combined it with the dating culture of today and combined them to create a spontaneous speed dating app that is non-intrusive to your daily life. Meet someone when you're getting where you need to be, with NAVIDATE. 
My team's reinvention of the modern sewing machine for the future. We kept the comfort one has from a sewing machine with the customization and accessibility, and prototyped a fabric paint and brush; Liquid Closet. See the video for more on our concept. 
DRAWSYNTH - Physical Computing