I've always incorporated music into my art and education; here are some of my favorite projects, including sound design, automated music generation, & sound installations.

I redesigned the sound design for this 8 minute scene from The Martian (2015). 

All sound effects, music, ambience, and voices were recorded and created by myself.


music & art installation based on color perception

moenika chowdhury & eddie wilkins

version 1 @ stevens institute of technology

version 2 @ the living gallery outpost, east village NYC

electronic music spring 2018
stevens institute of technology

For my final Sound Art project my partner Danielle McPhatter and I built a harp that we would display on the windiest part of our campus, Stevens Institute of Technology, to create an escape from the city view. This is a video of our presentation of our harp in front of our class. Students walked up to the harp and were immediately overcome with a sense of calm, which is the effect we were going for. This sound art installation allowed people to interact with it as well, as the strings were nylon and made unique sounds with the vibrations. The harp itself made a very soft musical sound, so we decided to input a speaker in the base of the harp to create more music for the installation. In this video the sound of the harp is amplified when going over the initial plans for it. At the end we have the actual presentation with the students interacting with the harp.

Art installation based around color and emotion related to music. All visuals coded in Processing, music made in Ableton.


During my internship at Nokia Bell Labs I had the opportunity to perform my thesis - automated Bach music generation at Vault Allure, a culture and music festival. 

My performance during my honor's recital, may 2017. Performing Fantasie by Gabriel Faure. Excuse the shaky recording.