Violet @ Dutch Design Week
Violet was picked by a bio-design agency Ceniec to participate in DDW as part of their segment, a New Growth Mindset. 
"Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is the largest design event in Northern Europe and presents work and concepts from more than 2,600 designers to more than 355,000 visitors from home and abroad."

Violet @ RCA Degree Show
"2020 has posed a design challenge for Moenika and her degree project, but it has allowed important elements of it to be brought to light."

Curated Project Selection @ RCA Degree Show
My project Violet was selected for this curated collection of projects selected from the Royal College of Art Final Degree Show 2020 by Martha Thorne, dean of IE School of Architecture and Design, one of five schools at an innovative, private university in Madrid and Segovia, Spain. She is also executive director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, a position she has held since 2005.​​​​​​​
Time Magazine Interview: Biracial Americans Weigh in on Kamala Harris's Identity
For multiracial voters, the issue hits close to home. “Being biracial is such a personal experience,” says Chowdhury, who is of Indian and Russian descent. “You cannot judge it from the outside looking in.”
“The wording that needs to stop being thrown around are people debating if she is ‘Black enough’ or ‘Indian enough.’ When you are born biracial you completely own both ‘sides’ of your race. It is not a competition of percentages,” she says. Even more, being biracial is an identity in its own right, separate from the sum of its parts.
Future Studies Article: Stevens Institute of Technology
"As recently as two months ago, graduating senior Moenika Chowdhury, a music and technology major at Stevens Institute of Technology, was set to make the short trip across the Hudson River to pursue graduate studies in interactive digital media in New York City.
Then, about six weeks ago, a new opportunity came in the form of an acceptance letter into the Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) program, a joint program that leads to the award of a master’s of art from the Royal College of Art and a master’s of science from Imperial College London."